About Me

Hi!  My name is Roxanne.  Welcome to my online space. Like many people, I initially came to yoga as a way to open up and strengthen my body.  I enjoyed the flow, I felt myself getting stronger, and I wanted to do the “fancy tricks”.  My first teacher training was a way to go deeper into my yoga practice, and though I had a chance to touch on some other aspects of yoga, my practice continued to be mainly about physical postures and the benefits I got from this.  

Then one day, I was given some news that at the time shattered me and forced me to see my world in a completely different way.  For the first time I was forced to ask myself . . . . . was I following the path that I wanted to follow, or was I following the path that I felt I “should” follow?  During some dark times, I decided to take some time off and step back.  With the full support and encouragement of B-Rod (my amazing husband who continues to see and bring out the best in me) and inspiration from The Garden of Breathin studio (who showed me how yoga could be so much more), I set off to the Philippines for three months to study with Pyramid Yoga and immerse myself in various aspects of yoga through the use of the chakra system.

This training helped me to start to see my light through the darkness and began to open up not only my body, but also my mind, my emotions and my spirit.  I learned how powerful the breath is to gain access to the subconscious, how there is an unseen world ready to be explored and how our minds are the key to it all.  Most importantly I learned that it is through courage to try things out ourselves and pay attention to our own unique experiences that we start to find our way.  

I hope to bring these ideas to all of the classes I teach.  Though I still enjoy the physical benefits of yoga, it is important for me to introduce students to the vast world and knowledge they can access through a simple yoga practice.  I encourage a mindful practice, where I ask students to not only flow through and go through the motions, but to really notice the subtle workings of what is happening in their bodies, minds and emotions as they are moving.   

I have had a fairly steady yoga practice since 2005, but had to overcome a lot of fear, doubt and other personal issues to finally realize that I do indeed want to share what I've learned.  Teaching and sharing has opened me up in a whole different way and makes me realize I still have so much more to learn!  I am continually studying various aspects of yoga and deepening my understanding of the energetic world.  I am also a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner, as I have found this system is another tool to help and introduce people to the benefits of yoga and a Reiki practitioner which illustrates the energetic power and elements of the world and ourselves.  Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions, want more information about me or my training, or if I can help you in any way along your path.  May your yoga practice and experiences guide you in your journey and help you to see that light that is ready to shine out!

300 hour Chakra Yoga Teacher Training (2013 Pyramid Yoga, Philippines)
200 hour Ashtanga based Teacher Training (2010 Herizen Yoga, Mexico)

Advanced Training:
Professional Thai Massage Training (Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai)
Thai Yoga Massage (Mandorla Yoga Institute)
Thai Massage Level 1 (Metta in Motion)
Yin Yoga Intensive Teacher Training (Alan Mileham)
Art of Assisting (Baptiste Institute)
Chakra Yoga Healer's Training (Pyramid Yoga)
Reiki Level II (Reikisimo)
Reiki Level I (Reikisimo)